How to Change Strata Management Company

Easy 4 steps to change your strata management company

If you’re unsatisfied with the advice and service your strata management company is providing, chances are it’s time to make a switch.

Making the switch from one management provider to another does not have to be an arduous task – with careful consideration, plus due diligence throughout each step of the process, an owners corporation can easily find a suitable new manager who will provide better advice and service than before.

Step 1


Assess your current situation

Begin by thoroughly reviewing your current contract. Assess whether they are meeting your needs and expectations effectively.

Step 2


Organise a meeting

Hold an Annual General Meeting (AGM) or Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) to discuss and vote on the appointment of a new strata manager. Our team is available to assist in these discussions and provide the necessary documentation to make the switch.

Step 3



Once the owners have voted to change, our onboarding team will initiate the transition process. This involves the signing of a new contract and the handover of books, records and any other relevant documents from your outgoing strata manager.

Step 4


Joining the Strata Choice family

Completing the setup of your Strata Choice profile includes uploading the necessary documents into our system, typically takes about two weeks. Throughout this period, our onboarding team will keep you regularly updated on the progress. Whilst we complete the setup, we will send out welcome packs and your new strata manager will organise a meeting with the strata committee.

While changing to a new strata management company may seem intimidating, the benefits it will bring to your owners corporation make all the effort worthwhile. If you are ready to get started, contact us to make the switch today.