Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions


The articles and comments in this Website and publications of the Company available from it are necessarily brief and general in nature and are not intended to be relied upon by any reader in dealing with a particular problem.

Whilst all care has been taken in the preparation of this Website, Strata Choice and it owners accept no liability for any omission or misguidance.



1. Your use of this internet site is subject to the terms and conditions which are displayed on this site when you use it. Those terms and conditions are referred to as “conditions of use”. By using this site, you agree without qualification to be bound by the conditions of use.
2. You agree to be bound by these conditions of use personally even if you use this site on behalf of another person (such as your Owners Corporation). You warrant that that person has not instructed you that you may not use this site on these conditions of use.
3. For the purposes of the conditions of use, “use” includes obtain access to, download, store in cache, display, print or copy information appearing on this website.

Use of this Website

4. You must not do any of the following:

  • Use this site for any purpose or in any manner that is unlawful.
  • Use this site to copy or to publish material that is defamatory, offensive or, to the best of your knowledge, untrue.
  • Use this site to engage in or to encourage unsolicited emailing or spamming.
  • Use this site to transmit computer viruses or other files or programmes that impede the proper operation of computer software or hardware.
  • Link this site to another internet site without our written consent.
  • Transmit for commercial advantage any material on this site without our written consent, or incorporate any such material in another web page, publication, internet site or other work, other than printing it for your private use.
  • Use this site on behalf of another person without the consent of that person.

5. The Company may use this site to forward you information about products or services that it considers might be used by you or by your Owners Corporation.


6. The Company has copyright in all information prepared by it and published on this site. Your use of the information is controlled by the terms and conditions referred to in condition 4.


7. The material which is presented on this site is intended to be general information only. It is not intended to serve as advice. In particular, it should not be relied upon as legal, accounting, engineering or other professional advice.

8. Except to the extent that our ability to exclude or to restrict our liability is limited by statute, we shall not be liable for the following:

  • Any breach of a condition or warranty implied by law.
  • Any material on the site that is not accurate, complete or fit for purpose.
  • The transmission of viruses from the site.
  • The condition or contents of a linked site.
  • Any loss or damage you may suffer in using the website, or as a result of your using the site.
  • Any interruption in your ability to obtain access to the site.
  • The content of advertising material on the site.

9. You must indemnify us against any loss, damage or expense directly or indirectly caused or contributed to by your breaching these conditions of use.

Personal Information

10. We have a privacy policy, a copy of which accompanies these conditions of use. Any personal information that you disclose to us when using the site will be dealt with according to our privacy policy.

Applicable Law

11. These conditions of use are to be interpreted in accordance with the laws of the State of New South Wales.

Refund Policy

12. If you make a strata inspection purchase and decide not to proceed, you may claim a full refund by contacting us directly at info@stratachoice.com.au prior to the log in credentials being provided to you.

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