Building Management Committee

Mixed-use developments are popping up all around Sydney, from Bondi to Blacktown and beyond.

Complexes that can integrate retail, commercial, hotel, industrial and residential entities.

In contrast with standalone commercial or residential developments, mixed-use properties in Sydney are characterised by:

  • A Strata Management Statement (SMS) which establishes the Building Management Committee (BMC). The SMS outlines the complex’s management structure, meeting procedures, voting and finances.
  • Shared facilities used by two or more of the lots that make up the mixed use scheme.
  • Diverse owners and occupants whose interests are often at odds with each other.

Significantly more complex management requirements:

  • An expectation of superior management spanning property, plant and equipment; people management and mediation; reporting and regulatory compliance.
  • Higher dependence upon experts, including professional and affiliated services such as legal, financial, engineering and insurance.

A higher calibre of BMC relationship managers.

Every Strata Choice BMC manager has a minimum 8 years’ experience and a solid track record in property/relationship management.

They all:

  • Possess a practical knowledge of BMC operating principles
  • Quickly and easily interpret a Strata Management Statement
  • Accurately and effectively account for the development’s shared facilities through easy-to-understand reports
  • Deliver a higher level of fiscally-prudent management of buildings, repairs and maintenance
  • Are passionate about finding pragmatic and diplomatic solutions to tackle day-to-day needs and exceptional circumstances
  • Respectfully and sensitively address communication issues as they arise
  • Manage by-law management and conflicts of interest with professionalism

Affiliated Professional Advisory

Our BMC team has a selection of proven professional advisors on call.

This one-stop service means that BMCs that engage Strata Choice can access reliable and accurate advice when required to resolve questions, differences or disputes under one roof:

Engineering: assessments, works and reports

Financial: audits, accounting, reporting and advisory

Insurance: across commercial, residential and shared facilities

Legal: contractual, regulatory

Strata Choice has stepped into the role at our building after a protracted period of mismanagement by other agencies. The difference in communication, expertise and professionalism has been startlingly positive. We are now heartened that our homes are being well run.


Jean Verhard Agior-Tis, Potts Point