Strata Management

All over Sydney (NSW), Strata management clients are being let down. Stories of slow response times, high turnover and staff that simply don’t know strata are too common.

Strata Choice makes your property thrive.

As a family-owned business and company with over three decades’ expertise in strata management, we appreciate how complex strata and property management can be.

Apartment block in Sydney NSW Australia with hanging gardens and plants on exterior of the building
There is a myriad of time-consuming tasks to manage:
  • Competently navigating changing by-laws, Owners Corporation obligations and NSW Strata Scheme Regulations
  • Successfully managing and resolving repair and maintenance requests in a timely and cost-effective manner
  • Skillfully balancing different owners’ preferences and priorities, and
  • Managing trust accounts and preparing accounts for tax returns

We manage three-storey walk-up buildings, large mixed-use residential and commercial towers, including an extensive portfolio of Sydney’s landmark strata properties. Strata Choice offers clients the benefit of professional advice in everyday language and support from one of the most experienced industry leaders.

The Strata Choice Experience

Our specialist Strata Management Team cares for you and your investment. With a broad range of
professional services under one roof, we are here to meet your needs for years to come.
It’s hard to beat…

The independence, personal touch and ethos of a family business

We’ve stayed true to our values since we were founded.
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A well-supported professional team

Service delivery is genuinely personal. Specialist strata managers are on hand to take care of you and your building.
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A focus on excellence

Raising the standards to which buildings are managed and tracking performance against recognised benchmarks in strata and beyond.

A commitment to innovation

Your representative is backed by superior systems, and our focused investment in tech makes 24/7 access to your information and reporting a breeze.

Unsurpassed portfolio of complementary services

Services for Strata Management ClientsServicesStandard InclusionsAdditional Services


Strata Committee and Owners Corporation advisory, records maintenance and storage, correspondence

Financial Management

Trust account management, annual budget preparation, levy notice preparation, payment facilities, creditor payments

Insurance Services

Valuations, advisory, renewal recommendations and instructions


Notes, preparation and minutes. AGM and SCM attendance, venue provision

Repairs And Maintenance, Risk Mitigation

Routine repairs and maintenance, managing planned maintenance, utility contracts, independently certified tradespersons

Energy Audit

Significant savings for your building, thanks to our bulk buying power

Tax Service

Professional taxation advisory for strata title properties

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