Company Title

Company Title

Company Title demands exceptional care, focus and professionalism.

Company Title is a deposit of land ownership through which a company owns the title to land. Understanding the legalities and financial considerations of Company Title is often far more complex than more straightforward strata schemes.

Errors often associated with poorly managed Company Title can be both stressful and costly. From failing to register top 20 shareholdings with ASIC, to having a poor understanding of shareholders’ roles, Company Title can be difficult to navigate.

To ensure discerning purchasers comply with the exacting requirements to satisfy the corporate governance requirements of this older land ownership scheme, Strata Choice established a dedicated Company Title office in the heart of Sydney’s eastern suburbs. With over 35 years’ combined expertise in Company Title, our team’s sole focus is Company Title matters. We manage and service Sydney Company Title properties – especially those in Potts Point, Elizabeth Bay and Kirribilli neighbourhoods.

Why Strata Choice Company Title is a smarter choice for shareholders

There is no doubt that managing a Company Title property asset demands a degree of focus and professionalism that – we believe – only a dedicated Company Title team can seamlessly deliver.

Every shareholder license to occupy and constitution is different, with penalties and litigation associated with building mismanagement being significant. The advice we provide shareholders is specific and can avoid costly legal disputes.

Do You Need:

  • Confidence that your Company Title compliance and reporting obligations are being conscientiously and reliably met?
  • A professional team to deliver appropriate support, including accounting and discreet legal counsel in a timely manner?
  • High level of service and fixed fees?
  • The provision of informed responses for shareholders, your Board, officers and potential purchasers?
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Building Reputation

Familiarity with a broad array of Company Title constitutions – from older style properties to prestige buildings like Mayfair, Murrawan and Elizabeth Gardens – means our Company Title team has established an enviable reputation for:

  • Remaining abreast of a myriad of often complex legal requirements.
  • Delivering timely legal counsel and reliable advice to assist directors, other officers and shareholders.
  • Supporting clients as they navigate the sale or acquisition of Company Title buildings.
  • Managing clients’ company buildings in line with the provisions of the Corporations Act 2001 (Cth) including correctly registering directors and shareholdings.
  • Ensuring critical property and accurate shareholder information (levy notices, annual and Board meeting minutes, insurances, rules and regulations, financial statements) is always accessible.

Company Title Management – High Level of Service & Fixed Fees – Strata Choice

A Selection of Company Title Properties

Managed by Strata Choice
Seeking timely advisory for your Company Title building? Want a higher level of care that only a specialist team can deliver? Uncertain whether your Company Title scheme is meeting its compliance obligations?