After Hours Emergency Service

After Hours
Emergency Service

Emergencies often happen at inconvenient times. With Strata Choice’s After Hours Emergency Service, we’re here to support you outside our regular business hours.

Please note, this service is only available to existing Strata Choice clients.

In the event of an emergency outside regular business hours, call our dedicated team on 02 8424 9797

Troubleshooting & frequently asked

An emergency is a situation that poses an immediate risk to health, safety, life, property or the environment. For example:

  • Fire or smoke damage
  • Storm damage
  • Impact damage
  • Gas leaks Sewage blockage or overflows
  • Building power failure
  • Broken windows
  • Security issues
  • Lift breakdown

Repairs outside regular business hours cost more. If possible, repairers should be sent during normal business hours to minimise costs. The issue may not be an emergency and can wait until business hours to be raised.

I’ve locked myself out of my home. Should I call Strata Choice’s After Hours Emergency Service Team?

Strata and community schemes don’t hold keys to individual homes, so you need to call a locksmith. We recommend Strata Trade Professionals (P: 1300 853 913).

Your home may have a switchboard inside with safety switches that activate due to a power surge from an appliance. Older properties may not have an internal switchboard. You may need to contact an electrician (we recommend Kim Kong Electrical (P: 8998 1780) to access the switch room to reset your safety switches.

Otherwise, your area may have a power outage which you can check by visiting or by simply checking with your neighbours if they are affected.

If the power loss affects multiple homes in your strata or community scheme and is unrelated to a power outage in the area, call our After Hours Emergency Service.