At Strata Choice, we recognise that some of our clients would like to benefit from a greater understanding of the strata industry, empowering them with the skills to make more informed decisions and grow their confidence in navigating the legislative aspects of strata management.

That’s why at Strata Choice we offer, at no charge, comprehensive workshops facilitated by fully qualified and experienced strata professionals.

We are planning the next round of education seminars and will update this page very soon.

The role of the Strata Committee seminar

This seminar is geared towards Strata Committee members that may have less experience than other members, and would value greatly from additional insight into their roles, responsibilities and rights within strata management.

Learning with a reputable and acclaimed strata management company will give you the security and confidence that the information provided is up to date, credible and relevant to your needs. Because we deal with Strata Committee members on a daily basis, we are in tune with the areas of concern, relevance and what would best empower our Strata Committee members to feel more confident in making decisions in their strata schemes.

A number of the topics covered in the seminar are:

  • Meeting conduct;
  • The duties and obligations of the Strata Committee;
  • The powers of the Owners Corporation;
  • The role of the Strata Managing Agent; and
  • Issues relating to risk management for Owners Corporations.

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Strata building insurance & managing finance seminar

Our combined strata building insurance and managing strata finance seminar is designed to give you a better understanding of the insurance policies affecting the owners corporation and owners, as well as an overview on financial matters in a strata scheme.

Included in this seminar:

  • Mandatory insurances the owners corporation must have;
  • Optional insurances the owners corporation may wish to include;
  • Does the owners corporation insurance cover inside your apartment;
  • Do you need that insurance valuation;
  • The risks of not having the right insurance for the owners corporation, resident owners, and investor owners;
  • How are contributions levied for your strata scheme;
  • What is a capital works fund plan;
  • Management of levy arrears and payment plans.

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By-Laws & dispute seminar

Our By-Laws & disputes seminar is designed to give you a better understanding on the purpose of By-Laws. We will cover what By-Laws apply to specific schemes, and how and when they are used.  We also delve into dispute resolution and how to best deal with By-Law breaches.

A number of the topics included in this seminar are:

  • General overview of the By-Laws;
  • Breach of By-Laws;
  • Solving disputes;
  • Notice to comply;
  • Mediation;
  • Adjudication.

Select your preferred date and location from the calendar.