Commitment to Innovation

Strata Choice: Innovating for Better Services and People Management

Strata Choice has been named a Finalist for Excellence in Innovation for the past three yearsrecognising its leadership in the strata industry. We embrace technology and invest in people, resulting in enhanced customer service channels and prioritising the experience of employees. 


Strata Choice has innovated by collaborating with SMATA, MRI, and StrataVote, which have resulted in the creation of Open Integrations, enabling frequently used systems to interact and dramatically improve efficiency. As a result, Strata Choice has reduced errors and improved turnaround times, creating a better client experience than ever before.

Strata Choice’s commitment to achieving ambitious targets is evidenced by replacing the Committee Portal with a more sophisticated Owners Portal, making it easier for clients and team members. The new Portal provides 24/7 access, an easy-to-navigate hub supplying real-time insights, including invoice management, financial reporting, and work requests. The platform is top-of-the-line and promotes transparency in its governance. In addition, the company redesigned their website, implementing best UI practices that have significantly improved the user experience for current and prospective clients.

Strata Choice Academy has continued to innovate with the new initiatives of 360-degree Staff Induction, Staff Progression Plans, and Mentoring Programresulting in improved customer satisfaction, higher retention rates and increased employee engagement. These innovations have been adopted to ensure the highest quality service is provided to customers across all channels. 


FINALIST 2022, 2021, 2020

Strata Choice is committed to continuing its innovation journey and delivering superior customer service. The team will continue to identify opportunities for improvement, invest in staff, and leverage technology to create better client experiences. The team is confident that it will continue as a leader in the strata industry through focused innovation.