Stratapedia is the web-based strata information and education system developed by Strata Choice for the benefit of its member strata management companies to assist them with the on-going education of their staff. Strata Choice releases articles that may be of interest to the general public on the Strata Choice website. Entries in Stratapedia are regularly updated and include, not only legislative references and learning tools, but also up to date information relating to recent determinations by various courts of jurisdiction on subjects relevant to the strata sector.

First Annual General Meeting

First Annual General Meetingmore »

Trespassing on Common Property

This was a matter before the CTTT where the owner of a lot installed items in the roof space without an appropriate exclusive use by-law. The owner sold their lot and as such the subsequent owner bore the cost of rectification.more »

Must Levies be Raised as per the Sinking Fund Plan

Fair Trading Minister Virginia Judge in a press release dated 3rd July 2009 stated "Owners can choose to pay with smaller regular payments that are less onerous rather than a single large payment". The Act does not state that levies should be raised according to the Plan and Ms Judge in her press release implies such. A prudent Strata Manager will incorporate the sinking fund levy to be raised as per the Sinking Fund Plan on the Annual General Meeting notice. more »

Exclusive Use By-Laws

Member Keher gives a clear definition on how to determine what constitutes an Exclusive Use By Law in accordance with Section 51 of the Strata Schemes Management Act. By applying 4 simple questions compliance or non compliance is clear in dismissing the appeal in the matter of Rinbac Pty Ltd v The Owners Corporation SP64972. more »

Tales from the City

A bedroom based trout farm, a horse kept in an apartment, and an owners corporation deadlocked over taking action against a nudist neighbour these are just a few of the strangest complaints received by the Office of Fair Trading about strata living in NSW.more »