Property Care


Want property repairs and maintenance requests resolved promptly? Does your apartment building require swift solutions to attend to routine repairs like broken security doors, unsightly rubbish areas and common property trip hazards?

Apartment owners, strata committee members and tenants can depend on the timely resolution of minor property repairs and maintenance projects from Strata Choice Property Care.

In Property Care, we do the works:

From a minor lock or window repair, to cleaning a stained carpet, fixing tiling and flooring, and high-pressure path and driveway cleaning, the dedicated team at SCPC does the works.
Reliably. Promptly. Professionally.

Our tradespeople ensure that your jobs are always managed professionally.


Who is Strata Choice Property Care?

With decades of experience in building management and strata management, we are Strata Choice’s reliable, professional and friendly team of Building Maintenance Technicians.With a portfolio of over 750 strata plans across NSW, we’ve earned a solid reputation for expertly managing minor building repairs and maintenance projects.

No matter what your strata and building’s challenges, with decades of expertise under our belts, chances are that we’ve helped owners and tenants to stay on top of challenges just like yours.


The Strata Choice Property Care Difference

With Strata Choice Property Care, you can be confident of having trustworthy, reliable property maintenance people and trade experts on your side.


Strata Choice Property Care Carpet Cleaning

When was the last time your building had their carpets cleaned by a professional? Enquire with us today to see what a difference the Property Care team can make for you!

Key Contacts:

Rod Flynn
General Manager
P 1300 322 213


Milan Zikic
Property Care Coordinator
P 1300 322 213

“When it comes to building repairs and maintenance, it’s the little things that matter most.” – Rod Flynn, General Manager, Strata Choice Property Care

What We DoThe Strata Choice Property Care DifferenceTypical Experience
Automated updatesTimely job updates and alerts are issued to you via mobile phone or email.Waiting around for tradespeople to arrive.
Consistent and compliantCompliant works consistently completed to high standards.Inconsistent workmanship.
ExpertExperienced tradespeople with a passion for what they do, delivering superior attention to detail.Ad-hoc project outcomes.
PromptCalls returned promptly. Same-day responses to repair or maintenance issues.Never quite knowing when a work request would be addressed.
Rapid responseAll jobs, regardless of size, are responded to rapidly: from a security door repair to a bin area upgrade. Action is taken – and fast.Tradespersons tackling the bigger jobs first, while you’re left hanging.
ReliabilityDedicated tradespeople arrive when they say they will. If the job’s booked for 7.30am, an assigned technician will be there at 7.30am sharp.Hair-pulling waiting around and hunting down tradespersons by phone.
Reporting diligently managedCompletion of work documentation is automatically supplied to your building manager and/or strata manager.The need to manually follow up a repair.
Spotless worksitesYou’ll be met by friendly, respectful, courteous tradespeople. Shoes are removed at the door. Worksites are left clean and tidy. After all, Strata Choice has built an enviable reputation for being ‘The People People’!Never quite knowing how the property will look once a job’s completed.
SupportThe team of Technicians are fully supported by Strata Choice office - logging calls, getting things happening, and making sure dependable tradespeople turn up on time.Sitting around for hours, waiting for tradespeople to turn up.
Total careIf you have a job and we don’t have a qualified team member to assign to you (e.g. air- conditioning and plumbing), it’s not a problem. We refer such jobs to Strata Choice-approved, compliant organisations for prompt attention. Delays in jobs being investigated, let alone commenced. Multiple follow-ups.