Potts Point


Suite G.01,
46a Macleay Street,
Potts Point NSW 2011


Locked Bag 1919
St Leonards NSW 1590


E info@stratachoice.com.au
P 1300 322 213
F (612) 8424 9701


Located at Suite G.01, 46a Macleay Street, Potts Point NSW 2011, our office is headed by Associate Director Daniel Cockerell. We’re on the 1st floor.


By train: We’re 5-minute’ walk from Kings Cross Station.

Driving: There is ample street parking available, ranging from one hour metered to all day.

Alternative: We recommend: Wilson Parking, Ward Ave, Elizabeth Bay, NSW 2011







Senior Management Team

Daniel CockerellAssociate Director

P (02) 8354 6906
F (02) 8424 9701
E dcockerell@stratachoice.com.au

Winner – Strata Community Australia (NSW) 2017 Strata Manager of the Year.
Finalist – Strata Community Australia 2018 Australasia Strata Manager of the Year.

Daniel Cockerell has worked in the Strata Industry for over 10 years, starting as an Office Services Assistant in 2007 for Strata Choice. Over the course of 10 years, Daniel has worked his way up the corporate ladder to now be in the Strata Choice Senior Executive team at the age of 29, becoming one of the most accomplished individuals within the Strata Choice family. Daniel prides himself on his professionalism, maturity, dedication and diligence, offering his staff and clients pragmatic, considered and outcome-based results. As Associate Director of the Potts Point Branch, Daniel is responsible for the office operations, growing the Strata Choice portfolio and brand, whilst managing a small prestige portfolio consists of some of Sydney’s most landmark and exclusive properties.

Daniel’s career has seen him become the most awarded Strata Manager at Strata Choice, winning the following company and industry awards over the course of his career:

2018 – Winner – Strata Community Australia Australasia Manager of the Year;

2017 – NSW Strata Manager of the Year;

2015 – Finalist – Strata Community Australia (NSW) Strata Manager of the Year;

2015 – Strata Manager of the Year – Highest performing Strata Choice Strata Manager;

2013 – Directors Encouragement Award – Most outstanding performance by a staff member at Strata Choice, as assigned by the company directors;

2012 – Strata Manager of the Year – Highest performing Strata Choice Strata Manager;

2011 – Strata Manager of the Year – Highest performing Strata Choice Strata Manager;

2008 – Outstanding Effort Award – assigned by the company directors;
Daniel is an innovative and modern style of manager, who looks to the future both for his clients, but also the Strata Choice brand. He is extremely passionate about the Strata Choice brand and the Linders family behind the company.

Outside of the office, Daniel enjoys travelling, spending time on the water, architecture and property and socialising with friends.


Strata Management Team

Dianne SmithersLicensee/Snr. Strata Manager

P (02) 8354 6905
F (02) 8424 9701
E dsmithers@stratachoice.com.au

Dianne is a Licensee and Senior Strata Manager at Strata Choice. She has over 25 years experience in the strata industry, specifically in community title management, stratum developments and company title properties of varying degrees of sophistication.

Dianne prides herself on her commitment to her clients with seamless communication through courtesy and respect. Her wealth of knowledge and experience in the industry is what drives her professionalism and dedication to both her staff and her clients.

Further, she ensures that services are provided in a manner which permits owners to understand and be cognisant of affairs of their strata scheme.

Given her long association with medium density management, Dianne has earned considerable respect and standing with her clients. She provides strategic guidance, as well as instilling in her staff appropriate standards of integrity and ethics together with the manner in which services are to be discharged.

Steven Lekoski Licensed Strata Manager

P (02) 8354 6903
F (02) 8424 9701
E slekoski@stratachoice.com.au

Steven Lekoski joined the Strata Choice team in 2018 as a Licenced Strata Manager and has over 3 years of knowledge and experience in the Strata industry.

Steven is responsible for managing a portfolio of property and clients and prides himself on his professionalism, motivation and passion to deliver successful outcomes at all times.

Outside the office, Steven enjoys keeping active, travelling and spending time with family and friends.


New Development Specialist Team

Holly WestcottNew Development Specialist

P (02) 8424 9708
F (02) 8424 9701
E hwestcott@stratachoice.com.au

Holly joined Strata Choice as a New Development Specialist in 2016.

Holly has extensive experience working in the strata industry and brings a high level of skill and commitment to her role.

Holly is responsible for actively prospecting for new development leads and answering enquiries from developers, project marketers or their consultants.

Holly works with developers and their project teams to review by-laws and provide advice during the set up of their new development. She is hardworking and hands on, attending site inspections and preparing estimates for project marketing teams. Holly is always seeking new challenges and enjoys working in a team environment on all projects.

During her spare time, Holly enjoys sport and spending time with her friends.

Rebecca WangNew Development Assistant

P (02) 8424 9756
F (02) 8424 9701
E rwang@stratachoice.com.au

Rebecca joined Strata Choice in 2018 as a New Developments Assistant. She has over 7 years experience in the property industry and brings a wealth of knowledge, experience and understanding to her role.

Rebecca will work with our New Development Specialist and team on the day to day management of new developments. She will ensure that deadlines are met with efficiency and detail and provide administrative support where required.

Rebecca has a Licence of Real Estate and a Registered Strata Manager Certificate.

Outside of the office, Rebecca enjoys travelling, sports, hiking and going to the gym.

William MarquandCertified Strata Manager

P (02) 8424 9768
F (02) 8424 9701
E wmarquand@stratachoice.com.au

William Marquand is a certified Strata Manager, having joined the Strata Choice in 2018. William has over 3 years experience in the Strata Industry and is eager to work with the Strata Choice team to build on his wealth of knowledge and experience of the property industry.

William prides himself on his exceptional customer service skills and professionalism when working with clients to ensure all deliverables are consistently met with efficiency and effectiveness.

William is responsible for working with a portfolio of projects and clients and ensuring each plans legal, administrative and financial responsibilities are met.

Outside of the office, William enjoys spending time with his children and relaxing with a good crime novel or watching 80s movies.

Justine Lee-DalyAssistant Strata Manager

P (02) 8424 9740
F (02) 8424 9701
E jlee-daly@stratachoice.com.au

Justine joined the Strata Choice team in 2018 as an Assistant Strata Manager. She has over 2 years experience working in the Strata industry and holds a Certificate of Registration.

Justine is responsible for working with clients on new developments, including developers, contractors and new property owners. She is integral in assisting the Strata Managers to ensure all projects run efficiently and always in a professional manner.

Justine is hardworking, organised and is keen to expand on her already impressive knowledge and experience in the Strata industry.

Outside of the office, Justine enjoys spending time with her children, keeping active, cooking and new adventures.