Staff Education

With the right education and support, the expertise and dedication of Strata Choice staff go far beyond the regular skill sets required of a Strata Choice manager. At Strata Choice, all our strata managers undergo structured education programs throughout the year to ensure that all their skills and certifications are up to date with any changes in legislation. This ensures your strata remains in safe and reliable hands regardless of industry and legislative trends and amendments.

Ongoing Staff Education at Strata Choice
All our strata management professionals within Strata Choice are fully qualified, meaning that by law they are required to undergo Continuous Professional Development training each year. We believe that this kind of education is so crucial that we have made it a core and integral part of our services and company.


  • Our structured education program extends for all Strata Choice staff across the whole year, including regular half day seminars and an annual conference.


  • Even staff not directly involved in the strata management process are required to attend regular continuous training sessions to confirm and refresh the skills required to perform all aspects of their position description.

  • All Strata Choice staff, regardless of position, must maintain a minimum standard in ongoing education in order to fully appreciate and understand the whole strata management industry.
  • By encouraging our staff to aspire to management and follow high career path programmes, our staff remain motivated and focused in performing at high excellence.  This is facilitated in part through their participation in Strata Choice education offerings to our clients.
  • Education and empowerment is a key aspect at Strata Choice, not just for our staff but for our clients as well.  In an industry that is constantly evolving and undergoing consistent legislative amendments, it is more crucial than ever that you are with a strata management company that you can trust to remain up to date on the most recent changes.


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