Personal Attention

Strata management is not just about the property – it’s about people’s investment, homes and security. For this reason, a crucial core of any strata management company should always be the people that we deal with on a day-to-day basis, with a focus on their individual needs, circumstances and peace of mind. When people work together rather than apart, strata management becomes far more effective and seamless for all parties involved.

Why do people choose Strata Choice?
People choose Strata Choice because when it comes to strata management, they want to be treated as a person rather than just a strata owner. They want to know that their strata manager is not just interested in their strata needs, but in their individual and personal needs as well.


Delivery of effective customer service
  • Our strata managers deal with a small number of clients each, meaning they have more time to dedicate to each individual client
  • Our strata mangers are industry leaders, undergoing constant training to stay on top of industry developments
  • Our strata managers believe in empowering our clients through education and flexible service options to give you total control of your strata management services
What can Strata Choice do for you?
Fully understanding your needs and priorities is the most important aspect of any strata scheme our Strata Choice managers take on board. Our flexible service options offer you the power to choose and regulate to what extent we manage your plan, and we adjust our prices accordingly. This places the control of your strata management where it needs to be: in your own hands.
We extend this empowerment by offering education sessions throughout the year for our strata committee members in order to offer them the knowledge and understanding to better navigate their own strata scheme and services. We complement this with our own continued education throughout the year to ensure that we are giving you the most up to date and relevant advice and strata management expertise at all times.
Experience the Strata Choice difference
Our personal approach to strata management makes things such as compassion, understanding and patience key components of any client relationship. Our strata managers remain in tune with both your needs and industry trends at all times, ensuring an optimal balance that helps you get the most out of your own personal strata scheme.
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