Customer Service Standards

Strata Choice Customer Service Standards

Our Customer Service Objectives

We at Strata Choice pride ourselves on being The People People, focused on owners and tenants as well as bricks and mortar. We dedicate ourselves to helping provide a neighbourly living experience, with people living harmoniously in close communities. Whether our client is a resident or investor, all parties benefit in our long term planning and the commitment of people living harmoniously in close communities.

We believe that greater success can be achieved in properties when we work together, and for this reason we encourage total transparency.

At Strata Choice, we are committed to the constant and consistent improvement achieving these objectives by way of our Customer Service Standards.

Strata Choice Customer Service Standards
  • Listen actively to our customers concerns
  • Treat our customers with courtesy and respect
  • Only give advice within our scope of responsibility
  • Behave impartially in providing advice and guidance
  • Remember the issues we deal with often relate to a person’s home
  • Commit to a realistic time frame to deal with an enquiry
  • Proactively seek feedback regarding the quality of our service
  • Welcome any comments regarding service shortfalls
  • Together, achieve an agreeable resolution to our customers concerns

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Customer Feedback

Strata Choice survey all strata committee members every six months in order to gather and address any feedback regarding our ability and efficiency in reaching our Customer Service Standards. In this way, we are able to gain exceptionally valuable information that assists us in recognising successes and provides us opportunities for further improvement in our service to our clients.
Through the commitment of welcoming continual feedback, we are able to ensure that our clients can both expect and achieve a strata management service that is attuned to their needs, understanding of their priorities and open to tailoring our services according to the experiences of our clients.


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