The role of the Strata Committee seminar

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The role of the Strata Committee seminar


This seminar is geared towards Strata Committee members that may have less experience than other members, and would value greatly from additional insight into their roles, responsibilities and rights within strata management.


Learning with a reputable and acclaimed strata management company will give you the security and confidence that the information provided is up to date, credible and relevant to your needs. Because we deal with Strata Committee members on a daily basis, we are in tune with the areas of concern, relevance and what would best empower our Strata Committee members to feel more confident in making decisions in their strata schemes.


A number of the topics covered in the seminar are:

  • Meeting conduct;
  • The duties and obligations of the Strata Committee;
  • The powers of the Owners Corporation;
  • The role of the Strata Managing Agent; and
  • Issues relating to risk management for Owners Corporations.


To view locations and times of the next seminar, please visit our seminars page here.

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