Strata building insurance & managing finance seminar

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Strata Building Insurance & Managing Finance Seminar


Our combined Strata Building Insurance and Managing Strata Finance Seminar is designed to give you a better understanding of the insurance policies affecting the owners corporation and owners, as well as an overview on financial matters in a strata scheme.


Included in this seminar:

  • Mandatory insurances the owners corporation must have;
  • Optional insurances the owners corporation may wish to include;
  • Does the owners corporation insurance cover inside your apartment;
  • Do you need that insurance valuation;
  • The risks of not having the right insurance for the owners corporation, resident owners, and investor owners;
  • How are contributions levied for your strata scheme;
  • What is a capital works fund plan;
  • Management of levy arrears and payment plans.



To view locations and times of the next seminar, please visit our seminars page here.

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