Pet ownership in strata communities

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Thinking of getting a pet?  We would like to give you some helpful steps to get you started in seeking approval from the Owners Corporation.


Firstly, you will need to check what the by-laws of your strata scheme say in relation to the keeping of animals.


The by-laws of your strata scheme are the rules that govern your building for all lot owners and tenants. You can request a copy of the by-laws to get an up-to-date copy of your scheme’s by-laws.


Complete the Pet Application Form on our Strata Choice Website to provide as much information as possible to assist the Owners Corporation in assessing your request quickly and efficiently.


Some supporting documents about your pet will strengthen your application:

  • Vet references:  Including information about your pet, their temperament, general behaviour, habits, if de-sexed, and how well you look after them;
  • Vaccination records. Proof that your pet is in continuing excellent health;
  • Essential information:  Micro-chip and council registration numbers;
  • References from a previous strata manager: If you’ve lived with your pet in another strata community previously;
  • General information about your pet’s breed. General perceptions about your type of pet may be a deciding factor in the decision-making;
  • particularly if your pet’s breed is well-known to be suitable for apartment and community living;
  • Confirmation if the pet is an assistance/therapy animal;
  • A picture of your pet;
  • If you are a tenant, a letter of approval from the owner will be required to be included.


Submit your application form to your strata managing agent together with your supporting documents.


The strata managing agent will then submit your application to the owners corporation via the strata committee for its determination. The strata managing agent does not have the authority to decide on an application.


If approved, the strata managing agent will send you a written notice of approval.


If not approved, the strata managing agent will send you a notification of that decision and will advise you of your rights and other measures you may wish to take in pursuing approval for your pet.


Disclaimer: The articles and comments in this publication are necessarily brief and general in nature and are not intended to be relied upon by any reader in dealing with a particular problem. Whist all care has been taken in the preparation of this publication the writer and the producers accept no liability for any omission or misguidance.


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