Developer Consulting: The Strata Choice Process


Strata Choice is here for the long haul. With over 30 years in strata management services in NSW, we have extensive experience managing strata properties of all sizes: from suburban, 4 unit apartment buildings in Lane Cove to 653-lot retail and apartment towers in the Sydney CBD. We manage some of Sydney’s largest and most prestigious residential and commercial properties.

Development Concept / Planning
  • Advisory on titling structure.
  • Supplying levy estimates for off-the-plan sales.
  • Reviewing by-laws, strata management statement, considering plans on a strata point of view in conjunction with legal representative and developer to ensure developer’s vision is realised upon completion.


Project Marketing / Construction Commences
  • Preparing draft budget and estimated levies for prospective purchasers.
  • Contractor tendering (e.g. building management services, cleaners) to ensure budget accuracy.
  • Preparing marketing materials and by-law ‘cheat sheets’ for project marketers.
  • Attending launch events if required.
  • Responding to strata-related queries from prospective purchasers.
  • Supplying advisory on management statement / by-laws.


Registration of Strata Scheme / Settlements
  • Equipping contractors with information and resources to ensure they’re ready to start as soon as owners move in.
  • Arranging insurance quotes.
  • Arranging open days in conjunction with pre-settlement inspections.
  • Attending to strata-related questions and queries on pre-settlement day.
  • Preparing ‘Welcome Packs’ for solicitors to include in settlement packs.
  • Attending to strata-related questions and queries on pre-settlement day.
  • Issuing settlement certificates.
  • Chairing the inaugural general meeting with the principal.
  • Confirming insurance covers.
  • Preparing the final budget.
  • Arranging the capital works fund report.
  • Overseeing the commencement of the building manager and cleaner on-site.
  • Assisting the developer and builder with initial maintenance schedule.


First Annual General Meeting
  • Hosting, managing and running the first annual general meeting of the Owners Corporation.
  • Co-ordinating the signing of contractor agreements with the strata committee.
  • Ensuring the developer and builder are meeting Strata Act requirements by supplying handover documentation including initial maintenance schedule.
  • Liaising with the developer and building manager (or external consultant) regarding the preferred defect handling process.
  • Ensuring a smooth transition from developer to Owners Corporation.