The Value of Good Management Service


When assessing the competence of a strata management service provider we recommend you use the following tick list. Whether you choose Strata Choice or not this will assist you in making the right decision for you:-





Is the strata management company you are considering one that can clearly demonstrate it has the experience and resources to support the needs of your strata plan?


Have you met the individual strata manager for your plan and have they demonstrated the skills, experience and personal commitment you are looking for?


Is the offer to manage your strata scheme one that meets all your needs and has the manager demonstrated an understanding of your needs and priorities?


Does the strata manager proposed for your strata scheme attend more than three formal strata meetings per week on average? If they do you, might need to consider if they have space for your needs?


Does the strata management company you are considering hold at least $10m of professional indemnity insurance cover and what is their claims history. You need to know where you stand if something goes wrong.


How many members of the total staff in the strata managers business are working with a Strata Certificate or License and what resources does there employer provide for ongoing learning?


What is the businesses customer service standard (including turn around times for enquiries) and do these suit your needs and expectations?