Large Strata Schemes

As a specialist large scheme strata manager, our management portfolio comprises many of Sydney's largest, most valuable and complex strata schemes. We understand the special requirements of large scheme management and the importance of our role in assisting and, where appropriate advising,  the committee with their stewardship of the these large assets.


We understand and can demonstrate significant success as a contributor to the three way relationship that must exist between Executive Committee, Building / Facilities Manager and Strata Manager that is the key to effective administration of large schemes.


Executive Committee Support and Assistance

Our strata managers work hand in hand with our client schemes Executive Committee. It is our responsibility to communicate with and report to the Executive Committee members effectively and to offer advice, where appropriate, to ensure that decisions made by the committee, on behalf of the Owners Corporation, are within the legal boundaries of the Strata Schemes Management Act and relevant related legislation.

Responsive Service

We will act promptly on receipt of instructions from the Executive Committee and Owners Corporation and will report the outcomes of instructions on a timely basis.

Financial Management
Expertise & Reporting

We perform a wide range of financial management and accounting functions that ensure your schemes monies are handled with due care and attention to detail. Scheme funds are held in individual trust accounts with Macquarie Bank Limited.


Executive Committee Education Services

We provide regular Executive Committee education seminars at no cost. To find out more about these FREE services click here - Executive Committee Information Seminars

What Makes a Strata Choice Manager a Market Leader?

  • The quality of our experienced strata management team.
  • Low staff turnover so that strata schemes do not experience excessive change.
  • Management team structure designed to deliver consistent, quality service.
  • The relatively small number of plans managed by each strata manager.
  • Our commitment to the strata sector and to education of our staff and client committee members.